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Mar 25, 2020

Hey, isn't it funny that it's going to be Homestuck's anniversary soon and we're all literally stuck at home? No? That's not funny at all? Everyone's either sick and dying or losing their minds in self-imposed quarantine because our leaders are a gaggle of know-nothing fascist sh*theads? Huh, you do have a point there, old buddy old pal. At least there's this episode of your favorite podcast to cheer you up.

We know what you want. You wanna hear Ben and David get into an argument about Shakespeare. You wanna learn about that weird legal loophole that lets you get away with murder in Yellowstone Park. You wanna see Molly get hot and bothered over the space elf again. At least one of those oughta tickle your fancy, right?

Note: at a certain point in the podcast, David asks you to donate to our Patreon because his job is in jeopardy. Good news! His job is no longer in jeopardy. (Give us more money anyway.)

(Also, spoilers for Steven Universe Future at 1:21:00!)


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