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Dec 31, 2019

Happy almost New Year, everyone! Join us for our first-ever Ship Hole, the gluten-free Rec Room alternative where we consider the SNA, discuss Molly Star-Racer (the three-minute Oban pilot), drop hot factz from the art book, and have silly fun with Pokémon teams!


Click here to watch Oban Star Racers' pilot, Molly Star-Racer! (Minor spoilers up to Episode 14ish of Oban Star Racers.)

Click here to listen to "Moanin'" from Kids on the Slope/Sakamichi no Apollon, produced by Yoko Kanno.


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Cover art by Zhampy! Find more of their work at or @zhampip.

Our intro/outro is "Race to the Skies" by Matt of Avana Music! Find more of Matt's work at